Wednesday, December 7, 2011

On Monday, December 5, 2011 I Turned ............


I'm not sure how I feel about this, but here are come pictures I found that might help explain it.

Well ... lets start with the obvious:

 No, I didn't burn the house down. Kinda hard to do that when there was no birthday cake.


 Yup ain't that the truth:

I really wish this was how I feel:


It made me giggle:




 I should feel like this about turning 30:

I really believed that my body was going to give out or start falling apart when I turned 30.

I've heard this before and I'm kinda curious to find out what I learn.

In all honesty I know this is what I need to do:

Meh, we'll see.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

I'm so EXCITED, I can't wait!

Fourth Season Production
Cameron Mackintosh’s Spectacular New Production
Les Misérables
The New 25th Anniversary Production

I'm going to see it tomorrow today at the Ahmanson Theater in Downtown Las Angeles. I'm so excited! I've been wanting to see this since Junior High!! A little weird I know, My bestfriend/neighbor's older sister used to sing the songs from Les Miserables and Phantom of the Opera all the time. She was awesome!!! In high school I got to see Phantom at the Pantages Theater with the French club but never had the opportunity to see Les Miserables until now =)
Guess that means I should got to bed, it's 2 in the morning and it starts at 2 in the afternoon lol 

This was supposed to go out at 2 in the morning but Blogger was on the fritz - surprise surprise. I made it to bed at 2:30 am and was woken up at 9am by my upstairs neighbor getting his sink snaked. Damn that was loud! Its gonna be a long day - wish me luck!

Well I'm off to start getting dolled up .... where did that Spackle go? lol

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Just a quick note to let you know that I have been tinkering with and changing some of the page desgin. I'm probably not done yet but happy so far.

Have a great weekend and Happy Father's Day!!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

I mean't to post this a couple of weeks ago....

I am soooo totally not a cook and so I rarely do it. The few times I do cook it doesn't usually turn out all that good, buuuuuutttt ....

My Shepard's Pie turned out GREAT! A little bland but still good.

The layers are: whole wheat tortillas, ground beef with corn, mashed potatos, melted cheese and topped with baccon.

MMMMMMmmmmmmMMMMMMMmmmmm! =D

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Everything changes ... Except

Best Friends! I live in California and I try to make it out to Arizona at least once a year to visit my best friend for at least a 3-day weekend, preferably for a week. This year I went the first week of April and stayed for 7 days. I had such a wonderful time and by my 4th or 5th day there it kinda hit me. Our lives have changed consistently over the years and taken different directions. We talk on the phone every few months, almost never e-mail, text a bit here and there, and yet here I am sitting on her couch (my bed) with my laptop in my lap (like I am now) and it feels completely normal. Like this is an everyday thing, not a I haven't seen you in just over a year and I flew from another state to see you. Just any old day, hanging out on our computers. Everything changes except Best Friends =D

She hates having her picture taken and would kill me if I found one to post. So, here is Charlie (aka Stinky) her ferret I gave her for your birthday last year.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thinking about my rant

I've been thinking a lot about my I Don't Wanna post and its been bugging me. I'm pretty sure - I'm afraid to go back and read it - that I went off on a total side tracked rant and didn't say anything about what I don't wanna do. I think I ranted because I didn't have anyone to complain to and with all the things that I had to do and figure out it just got to a point that I couldn't hold it in. By now I've taken care of much of the stuff that need to be done and I'm sure that I've forgotten some of the things that I needed to or at least thought that I needed to do. I wanted to apologise for that and I'm debating on making a new list of things that now need to get done and the things that I got done. Meh, that's probably not interesting to anyone and its probably more typing then I care to do.

Well here's the nut shell for the reason for my needs and have-tos. I quit my job at the end of January so with that comes dealing with unemployment, COBRA (calling them then the insurance co. then COBRA then the pharmacy, then the insurance blah blah), paying bills and figuring out their scheduling, updating my resume and not wanting to, not wanting to apply for jobs b/c I want to be the one to coast on unemployment for a change which triggers a WHOLE huge issue with my 'It' that lives with me. Deep breath.... ok... then theres figuring out daters and things to fly to AZ to see a friend and with that comes deciding on if I want to move to AZ - Whoa! Did I just say move to another state!?!?! Yeah thats huge on top of every thing else thats going on the past couple of months and might deserve its own post at some point and time.

So yeah, my nut shell. Wanna come spend some time with me in here? lol

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's nice out

The weather is absolutely gorgeous in Southern California today. The kind of weather I have been waiting for, low 70's, barely overcast, very slight breeze - just beautiful. And how do i want to spend my day? In bed =/ I hurt in several places and didn't sleep well last night so I'm tired. But for a long time (an the reason I've been waiting for this weather) I've been wanting to take my kittens out to the courtyard and let them run around and explore in the bushes. But when you hurt an are exhausted all the time you become the queen of excuses - I need to put their flea stuff on and conveniently never remember or get around to doing it, its such a hassle which it really isn't aside from getting their harnesses on and adjusting them since its been so long sine I've put them on, I'll have to climb around the bushes when they get caught and that really is a hassle. But today in a random burst of I don't know what... energy? ha, stir craziness? maybe... I took Pooka an PJ outside for over an hour till the racket from the trash truck did them in. So there in the house and I'm sitting outside typing this post and I am really glad I had this burst of 'who knows what' an even got a couple of pictures and saw three of my neighbors =)

Here's Pooka

Here's PJ

Have a beautiful afternoon! I'm off to bed.

Sunday, February 27, 2011


I don't wanna do it. None of it, not one bit! I'm in a bit of a rut at the moment and I'm sure that part of it is the crummy past week. Last weekend it rained - I flared and the beginnings of PMS made it worse. Wednesday I did a damn good job of scrubbing the tile and grout on one wall in the shower (this is significant later in the week). Thursday I was finally feeling better (weird), I was up at 7:30 in the morning, which is unheard of, was starving and had only 3-4 hours of sleep. Silly me wanted to feel like a normal human being - this means actually wearing a bra and putting on make-up for a change lol I ran errands the ENTIRE day! And got my back adjusted =D Dealt with COBRA and had some lunch in the midst of the day. I finally finished my day and was home to relax just before 8:00 pm, long day huh?

A totally productive day, I felt proud and accomplished and exhausted lol Another storm was moving in, a 'massive' storm system according to all the weather people. ::sigh:: Oh goody, and I mean that sarcastically and excitedly. I love the rain, listening to it, watching it, playing in it, feeling it, but I know at some point within a short period of time it's going to make me hurt. Hurt real bad.

Well, then came Friday. Remember I scrubbed the shower? So did my body! My arms were sore, wrists were sore, my whole back was killing me. I was also flaring from the incoming storm so the rest of my body ached like I had the flu and to make the day even better I was sick. My whole throat felt swollen and hurt and was just a tad raw. I was pretty snotty too. Saturday wasn't much better and if I wasn't cranky enough, this "massive" storm only brought a few light showers to my area early in the morning and later at night. Bummer =/

Today, it's Sunday. I'm feeling more mobile, still hurt in some places but my throat is a little better. I'm optimistic that Monday will be better and I'm hoping to get more done on the scarf I'm crocheting for a girlfriend.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Quickie introduction

This is just a quickie intro to finally get something up here. I actually really hate to write, and for me typing is the same as writing, but I've wanted to keep a journal or diary or something for so very very long. I've started a few times over the years but they only lasted a few days/entries and that's it. I love buying journals oddly enough and have finally started to ring that in ... twit I know. lol So needless to say posts will be very sporadic and usually not very long but I am going to 'try' this journaling thing again. Maybe doing this in blog style will work out better for me and last longer too. Wish me luck =D