Sunday, February 27, 2011


I don't wanna do it. None of it, not one bit! I'm in a bit of a rut at the moment and I'm sure that part of it is the crummy past week. Last weekend it rained - I flared and the beginnings of PMS made it worse. Wednesday I did a damn good job of scrubbing the tile and grout on one wall in the shower (this is significant later in the week). Thursday I was finally feeling better (weird), I was up at 7:30 in the morning, which is unheard of, was starving and had only 3-4 hours of sleep. Silly me wanted to feel like a normal human being - this means actually wearing a bra and putting on make-up for a change lol I ran errands the ENTIRE day! And got my back adjusted =D Dealt with COBRA and had some lunch in the midst of the day. I finally finished my day and was home to relax just before 8:00 pm, long day huh?

A totally productive day, I felt proud and accomplished and exhausted lol Another storm was moving in, a 'massive' storm system according to all the weather people. ::sigh:: Oh goody, and I mean that sarcastically and excitedly. I love the rain, listening to it, watching it, playing in it, feeling it, but I know at some point within a short period of time it's going to make me hurt. Hurt real bad.

Well, then came Friday. Remember I scrubbed the shower? So did my body! My arms were sore, wrists were sore, my whole back was killing me. I was also flaring from the incoming storm so the rest of my body ached like I had the flu and to make the day even better I was sick. My whole throat felt swollen and hurt and was just a tad raw. I was pretty snotty too. Saturday wasn't much better and if I wasn't cranky enough, this "massive" storm only brought a few light showers to my area early in the morning and later at night. Bummer =/

Today, it's Sunday. I'm feeling more mobile, still hurt in some places but my throat is a little better. I'm optimistic that Monday will be better and I'm hoping to get more done on the scarf I'm crocheting for a girlfriend.

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