Sunday, April 24, 2011

Everything changes ... Except

Best Friends! I live in California and I try to make it out to Arizona at least once a year to visit my best friend for at least a 3-day weekend, preferably for a week. This year I went the first week of April and stayed for 7 days. I had such a wonderful time and by my 4th or 5th day there it kinda hit me. Our lives have changed consistently over the years and taken different directions. We talk on the phone every few months, almost never e-mail, text a bit here and there, and yet here I am sitting on her couch (my bed) with my laptop in my lap (like I am now) and it feels completely normal. Like this is an everyday thing, not a I haven't seen you in just over a year and I flew from another state to see you. Just any old day, hanging out on our computers. Everything changes except Best Friends =D

She hates having her picture taken and would kill me if I found one to post. So, here is Charlie (aka Stinky) her ferret I gave her for your birthday last year.

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