Friday, August 24, 2012

Just a Quickie

This is just a quickie post to show off my fur-babies

That's PJ on the left and Pooka on the right. They were watching our mouthy squarel, and this was right before Pooka hopped up the fence after him. She never hopped the fence till she chased him up a tree a couple of months ago. I have pictures of the squarel feasting at one of my bird feeders but they are on another computer. I'll try to remember to move them over to this one.

My girls are beautiful but alas I'm using them to try and spark a bit of a blogging bug in me. I have a couple of posts in mind (one from the first week of July) but I just haven't gotten myself to do them. Fingers crossed this works, but if not at least we can ogle my girls ;D