Friday, October 19, 2012

I finally did it! For the first time in my life!!

Ok so it's not the first time any more, it's now been a dozen or so times as it has taken me months to get around to sharing. But every time I do it I still get excited that I can take all of this ...

 and do this to it......

That's right, I finally learned how to French braid my hair! Only took 30 years LOL That was my very first attempt up there. It was like 4:00 am and I had the bright idea to look up French braid videos on Youtube (why had I not thought to do this before?).

Attempt number two.....

In middle school a couple of friends tried to teach me on their hair and on dolls hair but for some reason it just never clicked. I can braid, I know the mechanics of a French braid, but the two just never came together for me.

Attempt number three (sorry the pics are really bad)...

 I always thought It was so weird that I couldn't do this one normal, everyone-knows-how-to-do thing with my hair. Especially since I was always so girly. 

But no more! My braids might be really loose at the base, and there might be bumps at the top, but I CAN FRENCH BRAID MY OWN HAIR!!!! =D


  1. Replies
    1. Thank-you sooooooo much Dawn!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. congratulations! I don't know how you manage to have hair so splendid, but it looks great braided or not.

    I popped over here to see you since you suggested I add crochet and a closure to the edge of my new journal. I will consider that. If its thin enough it would fit on a shelf just fine.

    Gemmi at Walk the Circle

    1. My hair is the result of being lazy LOL I only blow-dry it 3-4 times a year because it takes so long, I don't use curling irons or flat irons or any of that stuff. It's usually tied up on top of my head and just grows.

      Thank-you for stopping by!! If you need any ideas or patterns for edging is a fantastic site with oodles and oodles of patterns.

  3. WOOOT!!! You go girl!
    I love your hair! It's beautiful!

  4. Oh so pretty! Good job! I can't french braid anyone's hair. LOL I did learn to fish tail hair tho.. :)